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ancestral gifts

Bringing ancestrality alive through unique handmade items
With understanding & care
for natural resources

Meet the Weavers

from the sacred valley of the incas

Your choice
makes a difference



ancestrality alive

One of our goals is to keep this wisdom alive. There is magic and mystery in the way this items are created. They takes us close to the beginning of creation and hold the messages of the andean culture and  cosmovision.


love to earth

We honour and learn about ancient techniques. From obtaining alpaca wool, through spinning or dyeing with plants.

A process that uses noble materials from our environment and producess less harm


balance economy

When you decide to buy an item from Casa Loba Gifts, you are helping to keep ancestral wisdom alive and this communities can continue doing what they know and getting the income to decide how to improve their wellbeing. 

Ancestral Twist


Old & New, coming together. Upcycled, recycled matterials, creating instruments of power, medicines, clothing and jewelery usable in our everyday sacred activities such as meditation, yoga, ceremonies.

Do you want to offer your creations in our store?
Want to be a part of this tribe of love and harmony?

Send me a message
~ Love, Iris

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