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Casa Loba Tribe

 The beginning of this dream

Casa Loba Tribe is a wellness movement that was born in Riviera Maya, México;

and now it is evolving organically into a web of love around the planet.

Women of Casa Loba

women rising together

We are weaving energetic strings of harmony through many ancient practices.

Honouring the wild, wise voice inside us.


The one that saves us when in danger, and opens the doors to bigger spaces of understanding when used in tune with our higher consciousness.

The Story, my story...

Iris & Satya

IRIS ANGELANI. Founder of Casa Loba
Find out more about her: Here

IRIS ANGELANI. Founder of Casa Loba
Find out more about her: Here

Mamas en Tribu


I became a mom in a new place, with a new partner, no friends or family, and a strong commitment to staying vegan.

Unfortunately, with no proper diet and so many changes without support, it led me to a really tough postpartum depression.


I felt really alone, afraid and without guidance.

My son Satya made me grow in ways I never thought possible. He ignited in me a strong desire for connection, for a tribe.

Casa Loba's beginnings are rooted in that need for support, mainly from other women, but also from a conscious family.


Our core values are:

  • Freedom

  • Honesty

  • Humbleness

  • Joy

  • Unity

This is a space to express ourselves without judgment, feeling supported by an honest community, allowing us to savor the pleasure of being alive.

Women Tribe in Tulum


Our Sharings

Flor Silvestre bar
Casa Loba Gifts

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