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Alpaca Wool blankets
  • Alpaca Wool blankets

    $90.00 Regular Price
    $63.00Sale Price

    Introducing our new Alpaca Wool blankets, proudly crafted in Peru.

    Size: 75 inches long by 50 inches wide

    These blankets are available in plenty of delightful colors, and they are bound to bring comfort to anyone who wraps themselves in one.

    Alpaca wool's softness is determined by the diameter of the fiber, making it feel exceptionally smooth against your skin.

    Alpaca fiber is truly extraordinary:

    - It's warmer and more durable than traditional sheep's wool.
    - Hypoallergenic and non-itchy.
    - Lightweight and easy to handle.
    - Naturally resistant to dirt and liquids.
    - Softer than cashmere.
    - Resistant to moths.

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