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Shipibo Altar Cloth
  • Shipibo Altar Cloth

    $44.00 Regular Price
    $30.80Sale Price

    8 to 10 inches
    Handmade in the Peruvian Amazon.

    Kené art manifests identity, culture and worldview of the Amazonian Shipibo Konibo indigenous people. Where women artists have a leading role.

    Place it as an amulet, for an altar, for your clothes or for a painting.

    This circular altar cloth is perfect for many uses. We love to set up small altars of crystals or candles on them. They can be good for centerpieces on any table, or as wall hangings.

    May these items fill your home with positive and healing vibrations.
    This item's art is embroidered by hand, with love and intention, by members of the Etnia Shipibo, around Pucallpa, Peru.

    Your purchase is directly supporting their livelihood, and aiding in the preservation of culture through continuing to embroider in these sacred ways. These items were crafted to aid in your ceremonial and sacred sounding, with the significance of protection, healing, courage, wisdom, generosity, harmony, and surrender.

    Please note that these products are all made amidst the Amazon jungle. We do our best to keep them impeccably clean, but some will still contain a few "jungle marks". Many can be washed out, but you are buying this item knowing that these may exist. Thank you.

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