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pre- cleanse

It is always good to prepare your body for your juice fast.
If you jump right into the cleanse from an unhealthy diet, you could feel quite sick from the detox side effects and not want to continue or even attempt it again.

the week before:

  • Transition unhealthy meals and junk food out of your diet and replace them with more raw organic vegetables and fruit.

  • About 75 to 80 percent of your diet should be raw and whole foods.

  • Be wary of foods marketed as “health food”; if they are marketing them as such, they probably are not. If they have more than 3 ingredients on the label, and most of them, you can't read, don't buy it.

  • Eat smaller portions than usual, eating only enough to satisfy your hunger. You can achieve this by eating slowly and thoroughly chewing your food

  • Incorporate regular, non-strenuous exercise into your routine.

  • Make sure you are drinking enough clean water, which is key to flushing out toxins.

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