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Radiant Rose Cacao Drink

Fall in love

with MamA Cacao

A journey to expand your heart


➳ A safe space for exploration
➳ Intuitive learning
➳ Ancestral wisdom



➳ Meditation
➳ Breathwork

➳ Tantric excersices
➳ Nutrition (vegan - vegetarian - paleo)
➳ Mayan Cosmovision

✶ 90 minute online sessions

✶ Open chat for questions and concerns 

✶ Life access to digital media

Hot Chocolate Drink
Aphrodisiac Rose & Cacao


Part 1
Cacao & YOu

➳ Learn the story of Cacao, ancestral tools & health benefits.

➳ Create and explore alchemy in the kitchen

➳ Prepare your own ceremonial cacao elixir.

I combine many types of yoga practices, healthy cooking workshops, breathwork, rituals, psicomagic, plant medicine, aromatherapy and intuitive guidance.
I adapt to the tools you resonate the most.

Part 2

Wonder & explore

➳ Learn Tantric excersices to connect deeper with flavors,

herbs and spices.

Create an Altar & prepare the space for guidance & protection.

➳ Learn Medicine Songs, Breathwork & Meditation practices.

part 3

Get ready to share!

Sketch your own Cacao Ceremony

➳ Get closer to your heart and expand your bliss.

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Something about IRIS:

She worked as a Multimedia Designer for 10 years in Buenos Aires; Too many hours of work lead her to an injury in her arm that took her to Yoga. She fell in love with it and became an Integral Yoga Teacher.

She moved back to her home town and started teaching Art to Children and Yoga to everyone.
While slowing down from the city to the quiet town, she started experiencing anxiety and depression.

She had a "Death to Life" experience that took her straight to the Holistic world. Life presented her to Bach Flowers, Tarot, Akashik Records, Mayan Calendar and many more beautiful doors of self knwledge. She got certified on Reiki USUI and Reiki Karuna.

While her son and daughter where still small, She certified as a Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher and Children of Light Yoga in México; She fell inlove with aromatherapy and used it everyday for the first 3 years of their children, without the need of antibiotics or pharmaceutical options. She got certified on  "Aromatouch" Technique.

When she came back to México from US, she got her Kundalini Yoga Teacher certification, and her HABITS Coach Certification. Co.created "Wild Flower - Medicinal bar" with her dear soul sister Artemisa, and share detox juice plans, healthy cooking workshops and healthy life style plans. She also connected with the Sacred Seed of Cacao and went to many ceremonies, workshops and sharings to learn about its amazing heart opening properties. 

Casa Loba Tribe in Playa del Carmen, was her healing home for 2 years. There she learned and shared plenty of transformative experiences.

Now in Perú, she is stuiying to facilitate Tantra & Sacred Shakti Experiences to integrate in all of her offerings. She also spends part of her day weaving a harmonious exchange network, sending Ancestral Gifts all over the world, keeping the art & wisdom from the Sacred Valley of the Incas alive.

She works towards creating ways that can integrate women's natural cycles into the rigiditiy of the matterial world.
She dreams to have her children back home with her and allow her mother instinct to flourish.

Iris with her children
Iris in Tulum 2013
Iris with family of artisans
Iris creating detox plans
Cacao Ceremony at Casa Loba Tribe
Iris with her children in Tulum
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